IBIDEN's Strength

Becoming a Corporation of Constant Advancement

1. Earning the high esteem and complete trust of our customers.

Our major customers are corporations who are all at the top of their respective industries. With our superior strength in new product development as our foundation, we have continued to build on our strong relationship with our customers, who are foremost in their industries, including the No. 1 industry leaders.

2. Pioneering New Markets through Superior Technological Development.

Our fundamental technologies based on "IBI-TECHNO" led to business changes and business growth, and these changes in turn have led to the creation of further new technological developments and the birth of new markets.

3. The Global Mass Production System, born from our superior production strengths.

The Mass Production System, born from our superior production strengths.

  1. Pilot development processes are concentrated within Japan.
  2. vertical startup of overseas mass production by using the same production platforms.
  3. Thorough job site-oriented mind

These points have enabled us ensure low-cost-operation, further boosting our global competitiveness.

4. IBIDEN's Core Competencies and Market Positioning

"Highly esteemed by our customers" / "New technologies through our superior development strength" / "Superior Production Strength (Implementation of low cost operation)". These points all combine to further strengthen IBIDEN.

  • The creation of a business model and the development of new products are completed in a short period of time, before release to the market.
  • We gain the advantage by remaining a step ahead of our competitors.
  • We unite with the best corporations in industry on "Technology / Production / Sales" building close relationships.
  • Our business is established on the principle of production : "Direct observation", and on a corporate culture of striving for continuous improvement.
  • We have a flexible organizational structure that can change easily, and decisions are made quickly.
IBIDEN's Core Competencies

5. Implementation of Durable Management Innovation against a Backdrop of Strong Leadership

Our production activity is done by centering our customers and setting the TPM (Total Product Management) as the foundation activity.
We will develop durably through this production system and build the strong management foundation.