Global Support

We believe production sites and sales distributors should be close to the customers, to enable a speedy response to their needs. This is the globalization of IBIDEN.

Since beginning the mass production of high-performance package substrates in the Philippines in 2000, IBIDEN has increased to 5 major production bases boasting high technology, including in China and Malaysia (High density PWB intended for mobile electronic equipment), France,Hungary and Mexico(DPFs). Now, our company has 44 locations based in 19 countries of the world (as of April 2015), we are working to increase service levels to our customers.
The foundation of our globalization effort is to attract customers by producing and selling our products in locations convenient to the customer. Production costs can be kept low, and we are able to provide prompt service and a product that satisfies our customers' needs.
As a foundation of our globalization, we offer the business to our customer by producing and selling our products in locations convenient to the customers. We satisfy our customers by producing products at a low cost, and providing pur products and the prompt services to the customers.
Currently, our Japanese domestic sites specialize in the development of new products and high value added products, with these products being transferred to overseas sites when they reach the mass production stage. Going forward, we are looking to prepare a system under which the development stages can also be undertaken at overseas sites.

Global Base