IBIDEN Group Companies | Domestic Base

Major Consolidated Subsidiaries

Company Name Business Address
IBIDEN Greentec Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-81-6111

Slope and garden construction, greenery planting, etc. Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-89-7491

Compression of dissolved acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases, and refilling and sale of liquefied gases Ogaki, Gifu
IBIKEN Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-74-3355

Sale of residential equipment, housing materials, Manufacture and sale of housing materials etc. Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Graphite Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-89-6425

Fabrication and sale of graphite products Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Industries Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-89-0777

Sale of petroleum products, mobile communications equipment, automobiles, etc. Ogaki, Gifu
TAK Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-75-6501

Software development, network design and construction Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Jushi Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0585-45-2405

Manufacture and sale of foamed-resin products Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Bussan Co., Ltd.

Tel: 058-324-1151

Processing and sale of agricultural and marine products Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0584-75-2300

Environmental measurement and analysis, design and installation of mechanical facilities Ogaki, Gifu

Tel: 0584-89-6212

Design, manufacture and installation of printed circuit boards Ogaki, Gifu
IBIDEN Career Techno Corp.

Tel: 0584-75-1344

Personal dispatch and consigned manufacturing Ogaki, Gifu