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IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Corporate Data

Company Name IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Address 15#, Rongchang East Street, BDA, Beijing 100176, P.R.C.
Established Dec. 2000
Capital US$ 43,900,000
Tel +86-10-6788-2288

Business Objective

Manufacture of printed wiring boards


This company was established in December 2000, in the suburbs of Beijing, China, as a mass production base for the printed wiring boards of mobile electronic devices. In addition, in December 2006, a second factory was established, producing the latest printed wiring boards "FVSS", for use in mobile telephones. Business is expanding steadily in China, which is not only the factory of the world, but at the same time is itself developing into a huge market place.

IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.