Social Contribution

Basic Policy

We aim to contribute to local communities by taking advantage of our unique corporate characteristics, including our capacity to improve living environments and to offer opportunities for personal development. We take part in and support groups involved in activities of this nature. We also undertake our own community projects across the globe, tailoring them to local cultures and customs, and earning the trust of the international community.
Focusing on our priority areas, which are "Protecting the global environment," "Fostering the next generation," "Contributing to social welfare and local communities," and "Disaster relief activities," we promote the social contribution activities of the IBIDEN Group, and at the same time, we encourage our employees to voluntarily participate in non-profit social contribution activities.

Promotional Structure of Social Contribution Activities

We set up social contribution contacts in the HR & GA Division as a specialized organization in fiscal year 2008 and have been drafting policies and plans and organizing and operating activities. In fiscal year 2011, we established "social contribution rules." They stipulate which activities are of priority and are to be conducted by the domestic IBIDEN Group, the formation of the Social Contribution Committee to facilitate smooth social contribution efforts, and the establishment of the Social Contribution Fund to support the Company’s social contribution activities and social contribution activity groups in which our employees participate.

The Social Contribution Committee, which consists of representatives of group companies in Japan, approves annual activities for social contribution and operates and manages the Social Contribution Fund. The Committee also examines the details related to the recognition and rewarding of collaborative activities with other groups promoting social contribution, such as NPOs and NGOs, and employees’ volunteer activities.

Protecting the global environment

Grounded in the values of harmony with nature, we are conducting activities that lead to environmental protection globally.

[ Forest Building Activities: "IBIDEN’s Forest" ]

In August 2008, an Agreement on Lively Forest Creation was signed with the Gifu Prefectural Government, the Ibigawa Town Government, and the Ibi Shizen Kankyo Rangers (a nonprofit organization) to embark on a reforestation initiative. We aim for sustainable forest rehabilitation, which is carried out as part of its global environmental protection initiatives.
This includes tree planting, forest thinning, and improvement cutting. As an effort to protect the global environment, it aims to reconstruct a forest that is sustainable for the long term.

[ IBIDEN Hungary Kft.: Environmental Painting Exhibition ]

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding, IBIDEN Hungary Kft. held the Environmental Painting Exhibition, based on the theme of a "10-year pursuit of the goal of a clean air society",Ewith participants including children from the local elementary school and employees. The employees voted on the exhibition works and donated paint sets to the winners at the ceremony.

IBIDEN Hungary Painting Exhibition

Environmental Painting Exhibition

[ IBIDEN Philippines Inc.:Tree-Planting ]

In fiscal year 2014, we conducted tree-planting activities around the plant and in San Rafael area. A total of 188 volunteers of officers and employees participated in the activities and planted 470 trees. The activities were covered by the employees’goodwill donations.

IBIDEN Philippines,Inc.: Tree-Planting

IBIDEN Philippines,Inc.: Tree-Planting

[ IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. l "Tree-Planting" ]

During fiscal year 2014, we held our fifth planting activity on the outskirts of Beijing, and a total of 161 employees planted trees such as willows. We plan to continue such tree-planting activities.

Moms’ Volleyball Tournament

IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
: Tree-Plantin

[ Actions for a cleaner community ]

Since 1992, the IBIDEN Group’s domestic companies have actively conducted community cleanup and beautification activities in the areas where they operate. In fiscal year 2014, more than 6,500 of our employees took part in the Group’s actions. In addition, a number of the Group’s alumni and employees serve as volunteer crew for cleanup activities organized by municipal governments (such as the city of Ogaki) and local NPOs.

Clean-River Actionnt

Clean-River Action

Environmental beautification action

Group alumni’s environmental beautification action

[ Participation in the CO2 Reduction / Light-Down Japan 2014 ]

We take part in the CO2 Reduction / Light-Down (i.e. lights-off) Campaign being run by the Ministry of the Environment as a means to stop global warming. During the campaign period, the lights for the rooftop signboard at our Aoyanagi Plant were switched off at certain times.

Fostering the next generation

We are promoting activities for the development of young people to foster the next generation for the future.

[IBIDEN Tour-Learning from "Water"]

Since fiscal year 2010, we have been conducting educational tours to learn the power of nature and electricity through a visit to the Higashi-Yokoyama Power Plant, which has been operating since our establishment, and product-making experience. In fiscal year 2014, a total of 15 participating school students and their parents, comprising 37 people, enjoyed experiences such as learning about the mechanism of electricity generated by the use of flowing water.



[ IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd."School Support Activities" ]

Since fiscal year 2013, we have donated educational equipment to improve the educational environment of the local school. In fiscal year 2014, 13 employee participants donated blackboards, picture books, stationery, and sporting goods to two local primary schools.

School Support Activities

School Support Activities

[ IBIDEN Hungary Kft.: Plant Visits ]

IBIDEN Hungary Kft. has given plant tours to students including at a local high school and university as part of ongoing activities, and these were held five times in fiscal year 2014. Student visitors enjoyed opportunities to view production lines in operation and to develop a better understanding of our production and products.

Plant visits in IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

Plant visits in IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

Contributing to social welfare and local communities

We are contributing to social welfare and local communities to cooperate with local communities as well as to facilitate local development.

[ Company Blood Donation Drives in Japan and Overseas ]

The IBIDEN Group has registered as a Japan Red Cross Blood Donation Supporter, running blood donation drives to provide a steady supply of donated blood. For fiscal year 2014, we set up nine sites within domestic Group companies in addition to the three sites organized by our overseas Group companies, and ran a total of 16 events with 904 participants overall.

IBIDEN Electronics Malaysia

IBIDEN Electronics Malaysia

IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

[ Participation in the Mikoshi parade in the Jumangoku Festival in Ogaki ]

The IBIDEN Group is a regular participant in the Kigyo Mikoshi (portable shire) parade section of the Jumangoku Festival hosted by the city of Ogaki every October.

The Jumangoku Festival

The Jumangoku Festival

Clean up Campaign

Clean up Campaign in the festival

More than 100 employees have participated in the festival each year. We strongly advocate local revitalization efforts, and support the "festival spirit" together with local residents. Moreover, IBIDEN's scope of involvement expanded in fiscal year 2009, when its employees initiated cleanup activities after the festival around the thoroughfare leading to the main train station.

[ Support for the Ibigawa Marathon ]

The IBIDEN Group serves as an official sponsor of the Ibigawa Marathon, a sporting event that takes place in the town of Ibigawa-cho each November. To support the event, we make parking spots available at our plant in Ibigawa-cho, and participate in volunteer activities such as providing staff for traffic control and water stations at parking spots.

[ Supporting the IBIDEN Cup Moms’Volleyball Tournament and Presenting the Volleyball Workshop with the IBIDEN Women’s Volleyball Team ]

The Group’ Social Contribution Committee works with the Seinou Regional Moms’Volleyball Association to host annual the IBIDEN Cup Moms’Volleyball Tournament. Approximately 350 members from 28 teams took part in the ninth annual tournament in fiscal year 2014. The Company’ women’ volleyball team also hosted social events and skills workshops with mothers as well as children from local elementary, middle, and high schools to promote regional community revitalization through volleyball.

Moms’ Volleyball Workshop

Moms’ Volleyball Workshop

[ [Contribution to human resource development in local communities ]

To contribute to the revitalization of local industries, we cooperated with the promotion of technology-based human resource development programs such as environmental protection officer training in the region, by utilizing our abundant experience accumulated thus far. We also attended an environment-related course as an instructor in a local university to encourage the revitalization of human resource development from a number of aspects.

[ IBIDEN Philippines,Inc., IBIDEN Hungary Kft.: Donating personal computers]

Employees rebuilt four personal computers using outmoded ones from the office and donated two of each to local elementary school and support organizations to physically challenged people. This effort helped to computerize paper documents for the elementary school and support the independence of physically challenged people.

PC lesson

PC lesson class held
by IBIDEN Philippines

Disaster Relief Activities

We implement disaster relief activities to contribute to the recovery and reconstruction of people’s lives and social infrastructure in the communities.

[ IBIDEN Philippines Inc. Supported Victims of Typhoon Yolanda ]

The path of Typhoon Yolanda cut directly through the central Philippines, causing a level of devastation never seen before. To support victims and assist with the recovery effort, all of our employees were encouraged to make a donation in kind such as clothing, non-perishable food, and medicine or host fund-raising events. All proceeds were delivered to local support organizations. The IBIDEN Group also contributed financially to the cause.

IBIDEN Philippines Inc.,Relief Activities

IBIDEN Philippines Inc.,Relief Activities

Encouraging Volunteerism

We are promoting social contribution and volunteer activities to encourage our employees' voluntary, self-motivated participation in volunteer activities.

[ Volunteer Encouragement Program ]

IBIDEN and its domestic group companies provide special leave for volunteers (a special paid leave of up to 7 days a year) as a volunteering encouragement program. In addition, the Social Contribution Committee grants awards to employees according to our internal rules.

[ “Chovola Activities”: Simple Actions to Start Volunteering ]

We began hosting small, casual volunteer activities ( “Chovola” activities) as part of our effort to foster an atmosphere where employees can volunteer without making a very large commitment of time. The Company as well as its domestic group companies organized collection events for used stamps and postcards in fiscal year 2008 as well as bottle cap drives in fiscal year 2009, and the proceeds were given to local charity organizations and nonprofit organizations. Thus far, we have collected more than 22 kg of used stamps and 920 used postcards/unused stamps. The total for the bottle cap drive exceeded 2,700 kg.

[ Synchronized actions between oversea bases and Japan ]

Since fiscal year 2009, the Company has been hosting fund-raising activities during the year-end/New Year period by asking former and current employees in Japan to donate unwanted books and CDs. In fiscal year 2014, the proceeds were used in the repair and painting of local schools and clean-up activities conducted through cooperation between IBIDEN and IBIDEN Philippines, Inc. A total of 22 volunteers of our employees participated.

Repair activity for a school conducted by IBIDEN Philippines

Repair activity for a school conducted
by IBIDEN Philippines