FVSS has the following excellent features:
Design: Freedom of design is dramatically improved.This contributes to a shorter period of development.
Narrow pitch CSP: Wiring at 0.4mm CSP is possible.
Board Size: Board size and thickness can be greatly reduced.
Characteristics: Excellent electrical characteristics and heat liberation ability.
Reliability: Greater connection reliability and drop test performance.

  1]6]1 1]4]4]1 FVSS1-250 FVSS3-250 FVSS3-150
Layer structure
Line/Space 75/75 75/75 75/75 75/75 50/50
Internal Land Diameter 550 550 550 - -
LVH Land Diameter 275 275 250 250 150
Auto Routing Ratio 66.6% 68.7% 77.3% 88.4% 100%

Automatic routing and wire connection is enhanced with FVSS stack-up structure, small-diameter land and fine pattern formation.

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