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FLECS Series

FLECS series are our proud products widely used in automobiles helping to improve environment, utilizing ceramic fibers (alumina fiber) due to their high retaining, sealing and insulating properties for catalytic substrate (used for catalyst, DPF, etc).
FLECS-N series have been gaining trust from customer, accepted broadly in both domestic and overseas market of non-expansion mats.


  • Superior holding properties preventing positional displacement of catalytic substrate and DPF.
  • Superior durability and erosion resistance, withstanding long automobile use.
  • Superior insulation property protecting equipments around the converter against heat damage.
  • Superior sealing property preventing exhaust gas leaks.
  • Superior handling capability convenient for various types of canning.
Patent number Country
6960386 US
EP1296030 DEˇFRˇGBˇIT
0518111 KR
0545467 KR
ZL01811474.1 CN
ZL01803137.4 CN

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Product lineup

  • FIECS-N series:
    Standard grade with widest results Eavailable also with low binder option minimizing burn-out gas at extreme limit.
  • FLECS-G series:
    Our proud developed grade Eimproved in response to the next generation work environmental safety standards.

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