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High-performance insulation materials (ITS series IBI WOOL-E)

Higher insulation performance than conventional materials. The insulation layer thickness can be made thin, enabling an equipment to reduce the size but increase the interior volume.
Also, IBI WOOL-E is an insulation material of excellent bio-solubility, making it friendly to human body.

Boards (High-temperature performance: 1000°C-1700°C)

Inorganic and trace organic binders are added to the ceramic bulk, which is then vacuum-formed into a hard board. There is excellent resistance to spalling and high winds. Various types, soft and hard, or non-organic binder, are available.
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A cotton-like fibrous product with all of the excellent chemical and physical properties of IBI WOOL. Using high purity silica and alumina, the products offer better heat resistance, resiliency, chemical stability, and anti-spalling characteristics.


  • Insulating fillers for industrial furnaces
  • Sealing material
  • Catalytic carriers in chemical reactions
  • Composite reinforcement material
  • Packing specifications: 10-kg and 15-kg vacuumed package

Solid Blanket #1260C / #1400

The needling process creates higher durability and strength. The product is light-weight and flexible, has excellent heat resistance and anti-spalling characteristics. It can be used for sealing, filtering and packing materials for high-temperature applications because it does not contain any organic binder.


  • Liner for industrial furnaces
  • Insulation for industrial furnaces
  • High-temperature gas filters
  • Sealing and packing materials


Molded Products

With the addition of trace amounts of inorganic and organic binders to the bulk, the ceramic material can be molded into various shapes to suit its application. Combustion gas from the organic binder can be prevented by special treatment.


  • High-temperature pipe covers
  • Ladles and dippers for aluminum casting
  • Hot plates
  • Electric furnace liner
  • Combustion chamber of greenhouse boilers
  • Moldable to any shape according to other applications


Adding a trace amount of organic binder to the bulk allows it to be processed to a paper-like product. Light in weight and excellent in flexibility; provides fire-resistance and insulation. Upon request, we custom-produce high fireproof paper using inorganic binders.


  • Packing and gaskets for high-temperature application
  • High-temperature gas filters
  • High-temperature sealing material
  • Heat and electrical insulation material for home heaters and electrical appliances

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