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Graphite (Specialty carbon), has many special features, of which properties clearly indicate its superiority to metal materials such as copper or iron. Its superiority to the fine ceramic materials currently under the spot light of today's leading-edge technology is also confirmed by its outstanding high temperature, high purity and low gas-emissions qualities.
Graphite can be considered neither a metal nor a ceramic, but which combines the best characteristic of those two excellent materials. IBIDEN, in response to a wide variety of industrial needs, is in the business of supplying a whole range of materials that put these superior qualities to work, from general use to the most technologically advanced products.


  • Strong against heat:
    it is possible to be used even at 3000°C in inert atmosphere, has high thermal shock resistance and increased strength at elevated temperatures.
  • Strong against chemicals:
    chemical stability is high - corrosion resistance is excellent against most acid/alkaline environments,
  • Conducts electricity and heat well:
    good electrical and thermal conductor.
  • Low expansion coefficient:
    Thermal expansion coefficient is low and dimensional stability at high temperatures is excellent.
  • Light weight:
    true density of single crystal graphite is 2.26, but the apparent density is approximately 1.40 E1.90 since regular graphite contains 15-30% porosity
  • Lubricating ability:
    Due to cleavage structure, lubricating property is great, enabling to use greaseless.


Ibiden Graphite is deployed in many industrial areas due to various application and special features.

  • Graphite parts in silicon semiconductor fields.
  • Graphite parts in compound semiconductor fields.
  • Graphite electrode for electric discharge machining
  • Energy related parts
  • Next generation energy equipment parts.
Features of graphite and related field

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