Building on years of technological experience, we unlock a new future for ceramics

Over the years, we have built up technologies in essential materials such as carbide and ferrosilicon. Today, with our IBI-TECHNO philosophy, we have emerged as a leading developer of advanced ceramics Including specialty carbon products, high temperature insulation wool and fine ceramic products.


Filtering more than 99% black smoke exhausted from diesel engine.

  Automotive Exhaust System Components

Contributing to ease environmental burdens through catalytic converters support and sealants, exhaust gas piping insulators, etc.

  SCR Catalyst

Remove NOx effectively in the exhaust gas from diesel engine or other industrial facilities.

Ceramic Honeycomb

Ceramic honeycomb to be used for heat media or casting filter.

  Graphite Specialty

Responding to multiple needs by offering fine material that has both metallic and ceramic characteristics.

  Ceramic Fiber

Having superior high temperature resistance and insulation properties, it is widely deployed in the market, such as sintering equipments and fuel cells industries.