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The recent miniaturization of electronic equipments such as mobile phones demands ever smaller via holes. To this end, IBIDEN offers laser via holes PWB using resin-coated copper film (RCF) or glass epoxy resin (FR-4).


  • Allows for high-density circuits
  • Compatible with UL 94V0 or equivalent
  • Allows for smaller via holes
  • Suitable for halogen-free products
  • Helps make product light and thin


Item Standard Manufacturing Specifications
Process Subtractive Tenting
Number of layers 6 layers or more
UL 94V0 or equivalent
HDI dielectric thickness 35~70μm
Number of HDI layers 2~4 stacks
Core material thickness 60μm
LVH (Laser-drilled via) diameter E.200μm
PTH (drill) diameter E.450μm


  • Mobile Phone
  • Digital Camcorder
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Next Generation Compact Module
  • Other Compact Mobile Devices

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