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Rigid-flexible substrates partially using flexible materials. By eliminating a connector,it achieves thinner products and high connection reliability.


  • Same design rule as FVSS is applicable to Rigid part
  • Cost reduction by introducing Partial Flex
  • No restriction in assembly area (Rigid edge)
  • High Reliability against Dynamic Bending
  • Copper Plating in Flex is available.


L10 Any

Item Specification
1. Layer count on Flex part < 2 layers
2. Layer Count
(Combine with Rigid Flex)
4~10 layers
3. Land Diameter > 150(um)
4. HDI Dielectric thickness 50~60(um)
5. Dielectric thickness of Flex material 25~50(um)
6. Line/Space Min 50/50(40/40)Ám
7. Board thickness > 0.39(mm)


  • Mobile Phone
  • Digital Camcorder
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Next Generation Compact Module

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