Electronics | FVSS, Free Via Stacked up Structure

FVSS is the next generation build-up PWB with fullstacked structure achieved by filling micro-vias with copper. FVSS features 0.4mm full-grid CSP, greater design flexibility, compact board size enabled by fine patterning and smaller land diameter, excellent electric characteristics, and high reliability. IBIDEN provides total solution from board designing through mass production.


  • Design: Freedom of design is dramatically improved. This contributes to a shorter period of development.
  • Narrow pitch CSP: Wiring at 0.4mm CSP is possible.
  • Board Size: Board size and thickness can be greatly reduced.
  • Features: Excellent electrical characteristics and heat liberation ability.
  • Reliability: Greater connection reliability and drop test performance.


Item Spec
1) Layer count 6 layers
2) Line/Space Min 50/50(40/40)µm
3) Land E/td> 150~275µm
4) Dielectric thickness 35~70µm
5) Board thickness 0.36mm~


  • Mobile Phone
  • Digital Camcorder
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Next Generation Compact Module
  • Other Compact Mobile Devices

Please contact the following for FVSS-related inquiries and any request for quotations.
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Electronics Operation
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