Leading world electronics field with the most advanced PWB technology

Following today’s high speed of technical innovation, our Electronics Division continues to develop new products always ahead of world electronics field. Built-up substrates for high-density circuits as well as electronic components and plastic packages in various semiconductor areas indeed materialize IBI-TECHNO's philosophy.


Rigid-flexible substrates partially using flexible materials. By eliminating a connector,it achieves thinner products and high connection reliability.

  FVSS (Free Via Stacked up Structure)

Next generation built-up PWB with fullstacked structure enabling to place vias (holes) anywhere.

  Build-up Substrates

Laser-formed vias enabling to provide the high-layer count PWBs with extremely dense patterns.

Flip Chip Package

High-performance plastic package board which realized minimizing and high densification required by the most advanced high-speed devices.

  Build-up CSP

High performance for LSI in three-dimensional structure for and ultra small format.