Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of IBIDEN (hereinafter called the "Company") is presented below.

  1. Personal Information is collected, used, and offered appropriately by the Company, taking into consideration the nature and scale of the Company’s business.
  2. The Company has put in place preventative and corrective measures to ensure that Personal Information is not accessed without authorization, lost, destroyed, falsified, leaked, etc.
  3. The Company complies with all laws and ordinances as well as norms regarding the handling of Personal Information.
  4. The Company works to continuously improve its Personal Information Management System.

Based on this Privacy Policy, the following initiatives are being undertaken by the Company.

What Constitutes Personal Information?

Personal Information means information provided to the Company by its customers such as address, name, telephone number, and e-mail address, that is, information that can be used to identify an individual customer or information that is unique to a customer.

Gathering of Personal Information

In principle, the Company gathers Personal Information from customers via the Internet only with the customersEconsent (provision of information by the customers by means of registration). The Company gathers Personal Information only to the extent necessary for the purpose indicated to the customer.

Use of Personal Information

In principle, use of Personal Information is restricted to the following purposes. In addition, Personal Information may be used as statistical data in a format such that the identity of the individual cannot be determined.

  • To enable the provision of products or services required by the customer.
  • To improve the quality of service provided to customers.
  • To inform customers about new products and services.

Principle of Non-disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company shall not disclose any Personal Information provided to the Company (registered) by customers to any third party, except in the following cases:

  • The customer consents to such disclosure.
  • The Company has a contractual agreement regarding Personal Information with an external party and Personal Information is provided only to the extent necessary for the purpose of use.
  • Disclosure of Personal Information is required by a court of law or in accordance with laws and ordinances, etc.
  • Personal Information is disclosed in a manner such that the individuals cannot be identified.

Shared use of Personal Information among IBIDEN Group Companies

Personal Information received by the Company from its customers may be shared with other IBIDEN Group companies etc.
The Company enters into contracts governing the use of Personal Information with such joint users to prevent leaks of Personal Information and to prevent them from providing Personal Information to any third party.


Although the Company makes every effort to protect Personal Information, the Company does not guarantee the security of information during the transmission of messages, and therefore, customers send information at their own risk.