Group Companies in Japan

Group Companies in Japan

IBIDEN Engineering Co., Ltd.

Business areas

Design, construction and maintenance of environmental and energy facilities
Design and manufacture of mechatronics equipment and precision jigs and tools
Environmental measurement and analysis , issuance of environmental certificate, distributor of chemicals and reagents

Company Overview

Our company was established in March 1973 for the purpose of designing, building and managing various facilities, as well as conducting analytical measurement and sales of pharmaceuticals.
We have specialized in environmentally-friendly technologies from early on and continue to contribute to solving environmental and energy-related issues in today's world with our wealth of solutions. Our aim is to expand our activities to help protect the global environment and to realize technologies that maximize values for our customers.

Headquarters building
Headquarters building
Anegawa River Dam Power Plant
Anegawa River Dam Power Plant

Corporate Overview

Name IBIDEN Engineering Co., Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters 1122 Rokusha, Kido-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu-ken 〒503-0973
Established March 1973
Capital JPY 30 Million
Tel. 0584-75-2301
Fax 0584-81-6639
Electrical Wiring Division
  • Hydroelectric power and substation construction
  • Emergency power, solar power, and small hydroelectric power generator construction
  • Hydroelectric, thermal power plant maintenance and operation
Environmental Technology Division
  • Environmental analysis
  • Material composition and foreign material analysis
  • Plant waste water processing, pharmaceutical product sale
Plant System Division
  • Air conditioning and power supply facility construction
  • Flood control and industrial waste water processing facility construction
  • Maintenance service
Precision Division
  • Precision molds, jig, and tools design and manufacturing
  • Mechatronics facilities manufacturing