Group Companies in Japan

Group companies in Japan

IBIDEN Industries Co., Ltd.

Business areas

Sale of petroleum products, mobile communications equipment, automobiles, etc.

Company Overview

From automotive components to logistics, fuels, information and communication, to various services that enrich our lifestyle... We contribute to local communities through our comprehensive services that cover all aspects of human lives.

Founded as a transportation company in 1961, we have expanded our businesses to include services for general consumers, which is rare in the IBIDEN Group. Our offerings, closely tied to local industries and people's lives in the Seino area in Gifu Prefecture, range from comprehensive logistics to sales and services of automobiles, gas stations, Docomo Shops, insurance and travel agencies.

Total Carlife, which operates vehicle sales, servicing, insurance, and gas stations, has obtained three international certifications (ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001), which is also rare in Japan. We carry all Japanese makes, both new and previously owned, and our services are provided by seventy nationally-licensed technicians with cutting-edge computerized diagnostic systems, offering our customers confidence, safety, reliability, and quality at the highest level.
In our comprehensive logistics business, we have obtained AEO accreditation as a business with appropriate security controls and a legal compliance system in the international logistics business. We are meet a diverse range of requirements, from domestic to international logistics. Our information and communication business provides IT solutions based on the DOCOMO qualification system. We are continuing our efforts as skilled professionals to provide the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

Alfan Auto (sales of new and used vehicles, rental and lease)
Gas stations, fuel delivery service

Corporate Overview

Name IBIDEN Industries Co., Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters 1-197 Uchiwara-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu-ken 〒503-0936
Established January 1961
Capital JPY 77.46 Million
Tel. 0584-89-0777
Automotive repair services (standard size and large vehicles)
Information and communication
Comprehensive logistic services