Group Companies in Japan

Group companies in Japan

IBIKEN Co., Ltd.

Business areas

Manufacturing and sales of construction materials, furniture and fixtures

Company Overview

Our company started business in 1969 selling construction materials. Since then, we have made steady progress as a trading firm specializing in residential construction materials such as residential equipment, ceramics, and cement. Taking advantage of our accumulated knowledge in the field, we launched a component business, enabling us to independently supply all components required for building houses. Our standardized semi-custom houses are marketed throughout Japan under the brand names of BinO, FREEQ, and AzitO, and offer new lifestyle proposals. In 2016, we merged with IBIDEN Kenso, an IBIDEN group company manufacturing and selling melamine facing plates, further improving our competitive edge and expanding our reach. The new company is named New IBIKEN.

Component business
Home interior equipment

Corporate Overview

Name IBIKEN Co., Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters 1-60 Gama-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu-ken 〒503-8561
Established April 1969
Capital JPY 96 Million
Tel. 0584-74-3355
Lifestyle proposed type standard house
Lifestyle proposed type standard house

Kitchen panel using melamine decorative board
Kitchen panel using melamine decorative board