Group Companies in Japan

Group companies in Japan

TAK Co., Ltd.

Business areas

Software development, network design and construction

Company Overview

This company was born in a computer room at IBIDEN. Since then, we have gained a number of achievements in system integration for factories and manufacturing.
In the manufacturing division (industrial system division), we help build systems that provide total support from consulting and design to networking, installation and maintenance in a wide range of fields including manufacturing, medical and public services.

Data Center
Data Center
TAK Co., Ltd.
TAK Co., Ltd.

Corporate Overview

Name TAK Co., Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters 4-35-12 Ono, Ogaki-shi, Gifu-ken 〒503-0803
Established March 1976
Capital JPY 60 Million
Tel. 0584-75-6501
Fax 0584-75-6502