Message from the President

IBIDEN Aim to Survive and Develop Permanently for the Next 100 Years

IBIDEN Group started business in 1912 as Ibigawa Electric Power Co., Ltd. with the mission of serving as the engine that would drive the local economy. Looking back our century-old history, we made persistent efforts on the study of our own technology and continued to challenge development of products, which met the needs of the age by banding together in any situation even though the changes in the environment surrounded our group.

In preparation for our next leap forward, our company has launched a five-year medium-term management plan, "Moving on to our New Stage 115 Plan," which starts in fiscal 2023. Centered on the five pillars of our activities and our fundamental activities as a manufacturing company, we will respond to changes in the business environment and make a group-wide effort to realize sustainable growth. In addition, we will practice human capital management from the perspectives of management and employees, develop independent human resources, transform our company into a flexible organization, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to actively promote ESG management.

Thank you for continuing to support the Group.

President & CEO
Takeshi Aoki