Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy



The power that has enabled IBIDEN "to overcome many adversities with all our employees and to continue to exist", and "the wisdom and vitality that have achieved dramatic growth in recent years" - these have persisted throughout IBIDEN's long history. The systematization that carries this on, transcending borders, is the "IBIDEN WAY". In November,2012,to mark our 100th anniversary, we have revamped its corporate philosophy, the "IBIDEN WAY," simplifying it to enhance its understanding by all IBIDEN Group employees worldwide.


It is the fundamental perspective of the existence value and purpose of this company.

We contribute to the progression of society through innovative technology, with respect for both individuals and the global environment.


We share our spirits with all staffs globally. And through accomplishing these, "Corporate Philosophy" will be realized.

Trust through Integrity

Gaining customer and societal trust through "Genchi Genbutsu"

"Wa" Teamwork and Synergy

Integrating knowledge and wisdom from the employee involvement for greater power.

Challenge with Passion

Anticipating change, and acting boldly to create new value.

IBI-TECHNO Innovation

Evolving by overcoming hurdles through creativity and ingenuity.

Employee's Codes of Conduct

Please see the page of compliance for details

Standards for Employee Behavior

Brand Logo Mark

Brand Logo Mark

In celebration of the 100th year since its foundation, we have renewed its brand logo mark for the first time in 30 years to make it the IBIDEN Group's unifying symbol.
The Group is bolstering its global operations particularly in electronics and ceramics. The new logo mark's simple design is easily identifiable by people around the world, identifying IBIDEN as a global company.

Brand Logo Mark

The logo mark reflects an attitude of continuously rising to meet challenges, with importance placed on the synergy of people brought together around the world.

What our logo means


The IBIDEN Cycle is a wheel that denotes the combined synergy among people and in a network that extends around the world. The "arrow" in the cycle conjures up a sense of dynamism that increases in a spiral to ever higher levels.


The dark blue of "IBIDEN" represents a spirit of innovation and a sense of trust, while the light blue of the cycle represents our origins in hydroelectric power generation and water. The combination of similar colors denotes diversity with a sense of unity.