Procurement Policy

Basic Procurement Policy

Fundamental Policy

  1. We will comply with laws, regulations and customs and build relationships based on mutual cooperation and trust with suppliers.
  2. We will offer fair trading opportunities to suppliers.
  3. We will fulfill our human rights, environmental and other social responsibilities through our procurement activities.

Guidelines for Procurement Activities

The IBIDEN Group will base its procurement activities on the following specific stances, in accordance with the Basic Procurement Policy:

(1)Fair procurement activities and procurement at optimal costs

We will seek optimal costs in accordance with the principle of market competition while placing top priority in material procurement on fairness and justice.

(2)Building of relationships based on mutual cooperation and trust

All our officers and employees will endeavor to build relationships based on mutual cooperation and trust with suppliers in active compliance with laws, regulations, and customs, and in accordance with IBIDEN Employees' Code of Conduct, instituted as a standard for activities to embody our corporate philosophy IBIDEN WAY.

(3)Environmental conservation

We practice product development and business operation in an environmentally conscious way. In addition, we improve the environmental protection activity in cooperation with suppliers and promote environmentally friendly procurement activity by purchasing parts and materials which is harmless to the environment.

(4)Securing optimal quality

We will endeavor to procure materials that meet our quality requirements so that we can offer products that our customers trust.

(5)Punctual deliveries and stable supply

We will endeavor to procure materials as required in a stable manner for the purpose of consistently offering products to our customers. We will also take steps to secure service parts for the future.

(6)Technical superiority

We will employ materials and parts with unique or leading-edge technologies, or that offer technical advantages, for the purpose of creating new technologies on the basis of innovative capabilities.

Requests to Suppliers

In expanding the business activities of the Company Group globally, in order to gain the trust of international society, not only inside the Group, but also in the overall supply chain, including our suppliers, it is necessary to work toward social responsibility in accordance with global standards.
In order to respond to the requests of international society, the things toward which the Company Group and suppliers must strive are summarized as "Ibiden Group Suppliers CSR Guideline." We are requesting that suppliers strive toward continuous improvement on the basis of these guidelines.

(1)Labor, Health & Safety and Fair Trading

Detailed social requirements, such as labor, safety and ethics are described in "IBIDEN Group Supplier CSR Guideline."


Detailed environmental requirements are described in "IBIDEN Group Supplier CSR Guideline." Detailed Product Content Restrictions requirements for suppliers are found in the IBIDEN Group Green Procurement Guidelines.

See below for "IBIDEN Group Supplier CSR Guideline"

IBIDEN Group Supplier CSR Guideline(PDF/292KB)

See below for "IBIDEN Group Green Procurement Guidelines

IBIDEN Group Green Procurement Guidelines (Ver.7)(PDF/641KB)
IBIDEN Group Green Procurement Guidelines Annex(Ver.1)(PDF/752KB)
Survey Sheet for Suppliers(Form1) (PDF/848KB)
Certificate of Chemical Substances Management in the products & materials(Form2)(PDF/50KB)

(3)Optimal quality

Suppliers should comply with the necessary safety standards and other requirements in different countries and regions and to supply materials that meet our quality requirements so that we can provide our customers with the best possible products.

(4)Fair pricing

Suppliers should supply materials at fair prices based on the principle of market competition.

(5)Stability in supply of materials

Suppliers should unfailingly meet delivery dates and ensure a stable supply of materials so that we can consistently provide our customers with products.

(6)Technical superiority

Suppliers should propose unique or special technologies, and other technical advantages, with their materials.