Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Basic Approach

Employees are the driving force that enables us to run our business and provide the public with valued service. We aim to create vibrant workplaces in which each individual employee derives a sense of satisfaction and achievement from gaining a thorough understanding of the Company's management policies and business strategies, and from having a role to play that enables each employee to contribute to both the Company and society.

  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Development of Human Resources
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Promotion of Work-style Reform
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Respect for Human Rights

Respect for Worker Rights

The IBIDEN Group clearly defines its policy to respect the basic rights of workers, as internationally declared, as well as to avoid involvement in any violation of human rights in the "IBIDEN Standards for Employee Behavior". Officers and employees respect the basic principles and rights of labor and take actions that follow the common sense and rules of society while complying with the employment-related laws of each country such as the Labor Standards Law and labor regulations.
After preparing the "IBIDEN Social Responsibility Management Standards," we summarized the mechanism to respond to human rights and matters to be noted as a supervisor. Supervisors periodically check the impact of our social responsibilities on workplaces and their risks from the perspective of the Management Standard, including human rights issues. The management standards include checking procedures intended to avoid forced labor and child labor, which are incorporated into the procedure manual of each relevant division. For example, the Management Standards include the Rules to Prohibit the Storage of Private Documents, which are intended to prevent forced labor, and stipulate a minimum age checking procedure, which are intended to prevent child labor.

Human Rights Education

To ensure respect for human rights, the Group offers education on fair employment and human rights, particularly to labor relations managers as well as managers and staff members in charge of recruitment interviews, calling their attention to the prevention of human-rights violations. We also strive to make the need to respect worker rights known to all employees through our Standards for Employee Behavior. For our plants in Japan in particular, we have advanced harassment training for supervisors and employees toward the eradication of power harassment. In particular, training for supervisors targets all supervisors, and gives training in the actions supervisors should perform, from daily communication to responses to consultations and the handling of information.


We believe it is important to work on the issue of human rights with the entire supply chain and thus cooperate with our direct suppliers in dealing with such issues. We have thoroughly explained our efforts for human rights to suppliers, including employment agencies and contractors, in such occasions as information sessions that we have held for them.
Especially in Japan, with the amendment of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, the number of foreign workers is expected to increase. We demand thorough management of accepting foreign workers so as not to lead to a situation that falls under forced labor, such as debt bondage by sharing the points to be noted when accepting workers from overseas. Also, we have confirmed the actual condition of labor management and human rights issues of client companies and Group companies every year through the CSR Survey and audit. In fiscal year 2018, there were no serious infringement cases of the rights of workers detected in either our Group or client companies.

Development of Human Resources

Development of Global Human Resources

The IBIDEN Group aims to put in place a human resource development system that strengthens its corporate structure and enables it to achieve consistent progress and growth. To this end, we nurture employees who can contribute to strengthening competitiveness and those who are capable of cross-cultural management.
Especially we provide cross-cultural programs to improve communication skills with overseas staff and strengthen their local response while make efforts to upgrade their practical language skills. We also focus on nurturing the core staff of our overseas entities by inviting them to participate in training programs in Japan.

Encouraging Career Development

We adopt a system that encourages personalized career development. We support career development through discussions in an interview with a superior concerning skills an employee wants to improve now and in the future and a superior' s expectations and a support policy.
We launched a self-development correspondence course enrollment assistance system to help employees develop their abilities.

Equitable Evaluation and Treatment

To enhance business competitiveness, we believe it is important for each employee to challenge himself/herself to meet his/her own high expectations, achieve these expectations, and raise his/her organizational capabilities. The Company has in place a results-oriented target management assessment system. Challenge goals closely related to the Company' s business results are first established, and the results as well as the process for reaching those results are then evaluated fairly and equitably. Finally, individual results are directly reflected in their compensation. Also, we promote communications between supervisors and subordinates when setting goals and in evaluation interviews in order to develop the subordinates.
The Company adopts a job-based grade system, which helps revitalize all employees, under which work is evaluated into grades based on the volume and importance of job results and job grades are set accordingly. Furthermore, the relationship between positions available according to qualifications and job grades is clarified. Employees in the same evaluation rank in the same job grade are equitably treated, regardless of attributes such as their sex, age and race and nationality.

Respect for Diversity

Our Group aims to realize a work environment and climate in which diverse human resources can exercise their individual abilities and can feel reasons for living and job satisfaction amidst a trend of advancing globalization and diversification of values.

Three Core Activity Areas

【Growing corporate culture】

We hold various events and training sessions to raise awareness throughout the Company and communicate these activities through our company bulletin.

【Career development and appointments】

We introduce educational programs to further enhance the ability of ambitious women and develop and introduce ideal role models for our female employees.

【Supporting work-life balance】

We have established childcare programs, such as childcare leave and short-term working hours, which surpass those prescribed by law, to support a work-life balance so that both men and women can continue to work while they raise children.

Supporting Work Life Balance

The Company considers it part of its social responsibility to create an environment in which children, our future leaders, can grow up healthy and safe. To this end, we actively encourage work-life balance by, for example, helping our employees to achieve a balance between work and child rearing.

Promotion of Female Advancement

We started promoting women's participation and advancement in the workplace in fiscal year 2010 and conducted various activities, such as improving the work-life balance system and offering training to female employees and managers for awareness-raising.
From fiscal year 2017, the President delivered a message anew at the start of the Stage 2 of our initiatives for promoting women' s participation and advancement in the workplace, announcing the Company' s policy to actively promote the career advancement of female employees.
We will continue to appoint more female leaders with the purpose of revitalizing the corporate culture by promoting more female employees with expanded functions to play active roles in the workplace. As one of our activities, female leader candidates have participated in the Exchange-type Female Leader Training for Manufacturing Companies organized by Central Japan Industries Association.* In this training, they aim to improve their efforts by introducing cases of and exchanging views on female advancement and business promotion in cooperation with local manufacturing companies, and make efforts to foster awareness of their roles and to expand their views as leaders.

*:A general incorporated association that develops R&D, consulting, and human resources development businesses with the aim of promoting industries and supporting corporate management.

Promoting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

In order to realize a society where persons with disabilities can live together as members of local communities, it is important to encourage their independence through work, and employees with disabilities are playing an active role in the Company. IBIDEN Oasis Co., Ltd., one of our Group companies, was certified as a special-purpose subsidiary*1 based on the Handicapped Persons' Employment Promotion Act*2 in April 2019. We will stably employ disabled persons with a desire to work, and will provide support for occupational self-reliance through the creation of a safe work environment and the development of their potential abilities. From now on, we will also aim to realize a work environment and climate in which diverse human resources can exercise their individual abilities and can feel reasons for living and job satisfaction.

*1:Special-purpose subsidiary: In the case where an employer establishes a subsidiary with special consideration for the employment of persons with disabilities, and the subsidiary meets certain requirements. We regard workers who are employed by the subsidiary as being employed by the parent company as a special case.
*2:Handicapped Persons' Employment Promotion Act: This Act was established with the aim of securing the employment of persons with disabilities through measures, etc. to promote employment, etc. based on the obligation to employ persons with disabilities, etc.

Elderly Reemployment System

Our company and Group companies in Japan instituted a post-retirement reemployment system in order to enable our most experienced employees to continue to display their capabilities as part of our valued workforce. We support the improvement of social life through working.

Promotion of Work-style Reform

Working Hour Management

In Japan, work style reform is being promoted and rectifying long working hours is regarded as one of important tasks. While the government is strengthening legal restrictions related to working hours, mental disorders and work related accidents that are deemed to be caused by long working hours have become serious problems. As a result, companies are being required to make further efforts toward rectifying long working hours.
Our company and Group companies in Japan have promoted efforts to eliminate overwork and to reduce the total actual working hours since general managers and division managers presented the policy to realize work-style reform. Also, reviewing the detailed way of progressing with work, we have made a company-wide effort to optimize operations by promoting active communication and by skipping operations and procedures which create no value.

Communication between Labor and Management

Through a relationship of mutual trust, both the management and employees of IBIDEN work together to create a workplace that is friendly for all employees. In our assessment of the risks and impacts on the work environment, including labor standards, for employees through continuous and cooperative discussions between management and employees, we have proceeded with our collaborative efforts for such areas as time management, and enhancing personnel systems on specific themes. Holding Central Labor Council and the Labor and Management Committee meetings every month, we review the progress of collaborative themes, and both the management and employees work together to discuss and conduct activities toward improving the working environment. Furthermore, providing opportunities for dialogues at various levels between management and employees, including the above-mentioned Council and Committee, we explain about management policies and items related to production plans and items concerning hiring policies, and discuss items that seriously affect employees, etc.

Conducting Employee Awareness Surveys

Our company and its Group companies in Japan conduct employee awareness surveys for all employees once every two years, intended to confirm measures to enhance employees' motivation, and the extent of permeation and operation status of each system. Recently, the survey was conducted in fiscal year 2017 with the participation of at least 70% of employees. In particular, we have conducted a survey and analysis focusing on work-life balance, and will reflect the results in future measures.

Thorough compliance with labor-related laws and regulations

Through compliance with each country's employment-related laws and regulations, such as labor standards acts, IBIDEN's group companies take action to follow social common sense and other rules. In Japan, our Personnel and Labor Section monitors the revision and abolishment of state laws and regulations that we are required to comply with. Also, we run periodic monitoring of our group companies in Japan, and check the state of their compliance with laws and regulations. In fiscal year 2018, although there were no serious offenses related to labor laws, as one of our group companies in Japan received guidance from the authorities in terms of the inclusion of time for preparation for business within working hours, we took a group-wide measure in Japan so that preparation time is properly included in working hours. In the future, we will promote the unification of systems, and create a structure for group-wide uniform management in Japan.

Measures for Occupational Health and Safety

Basic Policy

We conduct the health and safety activity done with all concerned people under IBIDEN WAY, and aim to harmonize "health and safety" and "operation" with the fundamental rule to minimize the risk that may affect the life and health of person participating to IBIDEN's operations.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy(June 16th, 2017, sixth edition)

  1. We will identify the sources of risks associated with each process in our corporate activities and take steps to prevent labor accidents and illnesses. We will strive to reduce the risks and to maintain and enhance the physical and mental health of our employees.
  2. We will provide a good working environment that allows all employees to work vigorously without anxiety.。
  3. We will comply with laws and regulations relating to occupational health and safety and with other recognized requirements.
  4. We will operate an occupational health and safety management system to ensure that every employee engages in occupational health and safety activities and to make continued improvements to attain our occupational health and safety goal.
  5. We will ensure that every employee is aware of our occupational health and safety policy, using Employee portal site and other means to raise their awareness of occupational health and safety and encourage proactive behavior.
  6. We make this policy public and we make it available any time when requested.

Organization of Occupational Health and Safety Management

The Company-wide Environment/Health and Safety Committee meetings are held at least once a year with the participation of the President, officers, directors, the presidents of affiliated companies, and the chairperson of the labor union, aiming to confirm the purposes of company-wide activities and the progress for the goals. Meetings of the Company-wide Zero Accident Committee, held monthly, are attended by each Plant Manager and management persons responsible for promoting health and safety at affiliated companies. The Committee functions as a place for establishing common ground in order to implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle of activities of the entire IBIDEN Group. The information of these committees is disseminated from committee meetings held at each plant to safety circles of workplaces(small group activities)in which all employees participate.
Also, we have promoted the application of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy to on-site contractors who work at plants and construction contractors, and advance safety and health management activities in one united body. Through workshops, such as the "IBIDEN Safety & Health Promotion Meeting for Contractors," we share information and exchange opinions about laws and regulations concerning health and safety as well as the in-house standards of the Company and on-site working rules with contractors to promote the creation of a working environment with no accidents.

Basic activities and Specialized activities of Occupational Health and Safety

As part of the basic activities intended to develop a corporate climate in which the top priority is always placed on health & safety and compliance with laws and regulations, we have continued to engage in "Workplace Safety Circles' Activities," "Safety Patrol," and "Raising Awareness through Safety Education."
We are providing safety education in a systematic way, so that all employees can take the relevant training. The introduction of our hazard-simulation safety education has led to employees raising their safety awareness and acquiring the ability to avoid risks (Fiscal year 2018 results: A total of 978 persons received hazard-simulation safety education). The Workplace Safety Circles, in which all workers working in the premises of IBIDEN participate, promote raising awareness of safety through repetitive learning of safety confirmation points in the workplace and risk prediction training.
As part of our specialized activities, we have reduced risks by assessing the equipment and operations with thorough implementation of the Operational Safety and Environment Assessment, which is a mechanism of safety design, legal compliance, and completion tests, and the Health and Safety Risk Assessment, which targets all sites. Also, we have made it a rule to commence operation of new equipment and facilities after implementing safety assessments through an in-house procedure.

Occurrence of work-related accidents

In fiscal year 2018, focusing on "recurrence prevention," "disaster preparedness," "hygiene management," and "disaster prevention" as pillars of our activities, we worked on occupational health and safety activities to enable all employees to work with high spirits and to establish a safe and comfortable workplace across the IBIDEN Group with employee awareness of the "Safety First" policy. As a result, our Group's ratio of occurrence of work-related accidents in Japan is at a level lower than the average in the manufacturing industry throughout Japan. However, with the number of work-related accidents being on an increasing trend, we are making an effort to strengthen our management so as to prevent similar accidents from occurring by analyzing the causes and true reasons of past accidents, and by taking the necessary recurrence prevention measures.

IBIDEN Group Health Management Declaration

Our Group place importance on physical and mental health of each employee. To support employees for their health promotion through active development of activities focusing on prevention, the IBIDEN Group Health Management Declaration was established in 2017 through the president's initiation.

IBIDEN Group Health Management Declaration

Under the Corporate Philosophy of "Respect for both Individuals and the Global Environment," IBIDEN Group actively provides support for each employee's health promotion.
BIDEN Group aims to contribute to the realization of the progression of society through its continued sound growth with its employees vigorously playing active roles in good physical and mental health.

Smart Health 110 Plan

While the "The second term of the National Health Promotion Movement in the 21st Century (Health Japan 21 (the second term))" is being promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Company as well as its domestic Group Companies have been working on health promotion of employees by implementing the " Smart Health 110 Plan", the five-year plan from fiscal year 2018 to fiscal year 2022. To create a working environment that allows employees to work positively and vigorously, we work on to improve their physical and mental health.

Three activities of importance

IBIDEN Group holds monthly health section meetings to which representatives from each plant, industrial health and health insurance associations, and the labor union gather. Using each of their strengths, we have developed measures suited for each employee.

To enable each employee to maintain and improve their physical and mental health, we will powerfully promote the following three activities of importance:
(1)Activity to develop exercise habits
(2)Activity to maintain good oral health
(3)Activity to reduce the influence of cigarettes