Social Contribution

Basic Policy

We aim to contribute to local communities,and We also undertake our own community projects across the globe, tailoring them to local cultures and customs, and earning the trust of the international community.
Focusing on our priority areas, which are "Protecting the global environment," "Fostering the next generation," "Contributing to social welfare and local communities," and "Disaster relief activities," we promote the social contribution activities of the IBIDEN Group, and at the same time, we encourage our employees to voluntarily participate in non-profit social contribution activities.
We set up social contribution contacts in the HR & GA Division as a specialized organization in fiscal year 2008 and have been drafting policies and plans and organizing and operating activities. In fiscal year 2011, we established "social contribution rules." They stipulate which activities are of priority and are to be conducted by the domestic IBIDEN Group, the formation of the Social Contribution Committee to facilitate smooth social contribution efforts, and the establishment of the Social Contribution Fund to support the Company's social contribution activities and social contribution activity groups in which our employees participate.
The Social Contribution Committee, which consists of representatives of group companies in Japan, approves annual activities for social contribution and operates and manages the Social Contribution Fund. The Committee also examines the details related to the recognition and rewarding of collaborative activities with other groups promoting social contribution, such as NPOs and NGOs, and employees' volunteer activities.

Protecting the global environment

Grounded in the values of harmony with nature, we are conducting activities that lead to environmental protection globally.

Fostering the next generation

We are promoting activities for the development of young people to foster the next generation for the future.

Contributing to social welfare and Local communities

We are contributing to social welfare and local communities to cooperate with local communities as well as to facilitate local development.

Disaster Relief Activities

We implement disaster relief activities to contribute to the recovery and reconstruction of people's lives and social infrastructure in the communities.

Encouraging Volunteerism

We are promoting social contribution and volunteer activities to encourage our employees' voluntary, self-motivated participation in volunteer activities.