CSR Questionnaire

Corporate Social Responsibility Report Questionnaire

The IBIDEN Group continues its proactive disclosure of information regarding its financial condition, products and CSR and promotes transparent management practices in an attempt to help stakeholders gain an understanding of how the Group is run and decisions are made. We hope you will get to know the Group’s range of undertakings discussed in this report, and we welcome your feedback and opinions.

  1. From which of following standpoint did you read this report? Required

  2. Have you gained an understanding of "Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018"? Required

  3. What is your evaluation of "Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018"?
    1. Amount of Information

  4. 2. Readability

  5. 3. Length

  6. We have disclosed a detailed CSR report only on website, no booklet. How do you approve of only discloing on website?

  7. With regard to the following contents of this report, Which items were of interest to you? (Multiple responses allowed)

  8. Have you gained an understanding of IBIDEN’s CSR?

  9. How do you approve IBIDEN’s CSR activities?