Editing policy of ESG Information

Editing policy of ESG Information

Since fiscal year 2019, we have integrated our CSR reports and annual reports, and disclosed them as Integrated Reports. The ESG information conventionally appearing in the CSR reports is now posted on the official ESG website of IBIDEN Co., Ltd.


Basic concept

The "ESG website" of IBIDEN Co., Ltd. is prepared with the aim of making reports on our Group's activities that are easy for everyone to understand, based on stakeholders' concerns and relevant social problems, taking into consideration the policies, promotion frameworks, and indicators and results of our activities.

Reporting period

Focusing on the activities in Fiscal Year 2020 (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021), the report includes our efforts continuing from a time prior to this period and recent activities.

Time of renewal

September 2021 (Next update: schedule to be renewed in September 2022, Previous update: September 2020)
The latest information will be disclosed in a timely manner via the News page of our website.

Guidelines, etc. used as reference

ISO26000 Guidance on social responsibility
GRI* GRI Standards
Environmental Reporting Guidelines, Ministry of the Environment

Environmental Accounting Guidelines, Ministry of the Environment
TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Information Disclosure) Disclosure Recommendations

*GRI: Global Reporting Initiative: A group that formulates the guidelines for international reports on sustainability

Decision-making process on items to be reported

We assess the importance of themes to be reported and problems that our Group should manage by extracting themes on stakeholders' concerns from matters on which the industry groups should make efforts, such as the RBA Code of Conduct; matters requested by customers; assessment items of and feedback from ESG assessment organizations, and direct and indirect communications with stakeholders.

Target Organizations for Reporting

The targets are IBIDEN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company" or "IBIDEN") and our domestic and overseas Group companies. When IBIDEN Group (hereinafter "our Group") is not one of the targets, the scopes of the targets are individually indicated.
Some parts of the environmental data target IBDEN's domestic plants, which include IBIDEN Co., Ltd. and some domestic Group companies, and are indicated as "IBIDEN domestic plants." Relationships between important subsidiaries and the scope of reporting are as follows:


DomesticEnvironmental DataDomesticEnvironmental Data
IBIKEN Co., Ltd.*1*2 IBIDEN Engineering Co., Ltd.*1
IBIDEN Greentec Co., Ltd. IBIDEN Industries Co., Ltd.

TAK Co., Ltd.*2 IBIDEN Jushi Co., Ltd.

IBIDEN Bussan Co., Ltd. IBIDEN Graphite Co., Ltd.*1
IBIDEN Chemical Co., Ltd.*1 IBIDEN Career Techno Corp.*1
Sankoki Co., Ltd.*1 IBIDEN Oasis Co., Ltd.*1

Companies marked with ◎ are major manufacturing companies included in the intensity indicators of the environmental data.

*1: This is the domestic Group company included in "IBIDEN domestic plants." The Interior Construction division of IBIKEN Co., Ltd. and the Water Treatment division and the Precision Instruments division of IBIDEN Engineering Co., Ltd. are also included in "IBIDEN domestic plants."

*2: Bases included in the "IBIDEN domestic plant" alone are targets of the environmental data.


GlobalEnvironmental DataGlobalEnvironmental Data
IBIDEN U.S.A. Corp. IBIDEN Electronics Malaysia SDN. BHD.
Micro-Mech, lnc.

IBIDEN Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
IBIDEN Mexico, S.A. de C.V. IBIDEN Graphite Korea Co., Ltd.
IBIDEN Europe B.V. IBIDEN Philippines, Inc.
IBIDEN Hungary Kft. IBIDEN Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
IBIDEN Ceram GmbH IBIDEN Singapore Pte. Ltd.
IBIDEN Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd. IBIDEN Korea Co., Ltd.
IBIDEN Taiwan Co., Ltd.


Contrast Table of the GRI Guidelines

When posting ESG information on IBIDEN's official website, we refer to the GRI standards.
Aspects that our company has identified as especially important among general matters to be disclosed and the aspects of standards according to items are indicated in blue as the Core reporting items in the GRI standards.


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