Message from the President

To Our Shareholders

IBIDEN Group started business in 1912 as Ibigawa Electric Power Co., Ltd. with the mission of serving as the engine that would drive the local economy. Looking back our century-old history, we made persistent efforts on the study of our own technology and continued to challenge development of products, which met the needs of the age by banding together in any situation even though the changes in the environment surrounded our group.
We have started our five-year medium-term management plan, "To The Next Stage 110 Plan" since FY 2018 to get over environmental change and achieve sustainable growth for the next hundred years. Under the basic policy which human resources support the corporate activities based on personnel development, we are positively willing to invest management resources into growing market in order to aim to stably grow by enhancement of competitiveness for existing business and expand new business. In addition, we will promote ESG (Environmentalï½¥Socialï½¥Governance) management to be more trusted by all stakeholders.

On a foundation of human resources development, we will aim to be a company in which diverse people can contribute with vibrancy.

In response to a changing business environment and to create a foundation for corporate growth, we are placing efforts into human resources development. We have established a new Human Resource Development Center in the Technical Development Operation, with the aim of passing on IBIDEN' s technological capabilities to future generations and cultivating people who possess the skills for next-generation development.
Further, in addition to the "IBI-TECHNO Innovation," through our ongoing efforts in the areas of Genchi (actual site), Gembutsu (actual thing), and Jigakari (on-site solution of problems), 5S, TPM, own-process completion, and cross-sectional teamwork, we will endeavor to achieve new growth by giving each individual member a sense of ownership of their work, with supervisors talking often to their subordinates, sharing their goals with them and delegating authority in flexible ways, to maintain high motivation among all employees.

We will fulfill our responsibility as a company and contribute to solving social issues through our business.

If we turn our attention to the changes in the world, a variety of social issues have been emerging. These include global environmental issues such as pollution of the air, soil, and water sources, and the existence of people who are still being treated unfairly due to human rights violations. In 2015, as ways of solving the pressing problems the world is facing, the United Nations declared the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the aim of achieving them by 2030.
Our corporate philosophy is "We will treasure people and the global environment and contribute to the enrichment of society through innovative technologies." Using the technologies we have cultivated to date, we have contributed to solving social issues through our business. It is our corporate responsibility to respond to the changing issues facing society and to continue our business-led contributions to their solutions. We also believe that such a path will lead to the expansion of our business and the sustained enhancement of our corporate value. By putting our corporate philosophy into practice, we will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
We will also disclose information about our ESG activities and communicate these activities to a wider audience.
In doing so, we will pursue highly transparent corporate management that will receive the trust and commendationof all of our stakeholders.

We will value communication with our stakeholders.

We will communicate with our stakeholders and pursue mutual cooperation in our approaches to ESG activities. To obtain the understanding of our stakeholders, the Ibiden Group will actively disclose information about its financial circumstances, products, and ESG and endeavor to achieve highly transparent corporate management.
I do hope you will enjoy reading about our initiatives in this website and that you will offer your opinions and impressions.

President & CEO
Takeshi Aoki