About the Company

When was IBIDEN established?
IBIDEN was established on November 25, 1912 as Ibigawa Electric with the aim of developing power generation sites on the Ibi River system.
When are your accounting periods?
Our Fiscal Year End is the end of March each year, and our interim accounting period is the end of September.

About Accounting and Financial Reports

When do you release your annual report?
We close accounts according to the schedule below
(Please confirm the schedule for the most recent earnings announcements on the IR Calendar).
  • First quarter (April - June) Early August
  • Interim (April - September) Early November
  • Three quarters (April - December) Early February
  • Year (April - March) Early May
Where can I view the latest earnings announcement?
Please see "IR Library".
I'd like to see how business results and financial indices have changed.
They are posted in the "Business & Financial Data".
What is the minimum number of shares per trading unit?
The minimum is 100 shares.
When do you hold your annual shareholders' meeting?
It is scheduled in June. For details, please check the "Shareholder Information" page
When do you close your shareholders' list for dividend purposes?
Dividends out of profit: Paid to registered shareholders as at March 31 annually.
Interim dividends: Paid to registered shareholders as at September 30 annually.

Other Questions

What is your approach to community service and environmental protection?
We recognize community service and the protection of the environment as important elements for building a foundation for our future growth. In particular, we make direct contributions to the community we work in by cleaning up around our premises and organizing boys' soccer tournaments. We also have adopted a program that encourages our employees to engage in social service activities. For environmental protection, we are working hard toward the achievement of a "Zero emission" goal as well as addressing the global warming issue. For details, please see "Corporate Social Responsibility" page of this website.