Substrate Holding Mat for automobiles

What are Substrate Holding Mat for automobiles?

Substrate Holding Mat for automobiles?

Our Substrate Holding Mat for automobiles is made with high temperature resistance ceramic fibers, and even in a severe environment just below the engine, it keeps holding catalyst substrates and particulate filters of exhausted gas.


High Holding Properties and Low Emission Properties

We employ alumina fibers boasting thermal resistance and durability. Even under the environment like high temperature, high vibration and high-pressure drop, its high holding properties prevent positional displacement of catalytic substrates and particulate filters at the high level. It also can realize low emission properties with low binder specification.

Proposals of Various Layouts and Evaluation Technique

We have many experiences in national and international automobile markets as world-class in the field, having our own unique abilities to make proposals on various layouts and evaluation technique based on abundant knowledge and performance.


Passenger cars mounted with gasoline/diesel engines, Large-sized commercial vehicles: buses and tracks, Construction machinery, Agricultural equipment