What are DPF Substrates?

What are DPF Substrates?

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is designed to arrest black smoke from diesel engine exhaust efficiently, featuring honeycomb structures where adjacent gas channels are alternately closed.


Full Advantage of Re-crystallized SiC

SiC is one of the highest thermal conduction materials. With using re-crystallized SiC as a main component at high temperature, re-crystallized SiC engages in high collection characteristics and high mileage. It also has features of high strength and high heat resistance, which leads to high-durability and high-reliability applications.

Employ Segmented Assembling Method

We can reduce fracture stress generated by temperature differences inside DPFs by employing segmented structures, which boasts high shock resistance. The assembling method can also make it easier to handle various sizes and shapes.


Passenger cars mounted with diesel engines, Large-sized commercial vehicle: buses and tracks