High temperature insulating wool

What are High temperature insulating wool Substrates?

What are High temperature insulating wool Substrates?

High temperature insulating wool is made of ceramic fiber, which features lightweight and flexibility as a heat insulator and heat-resistant material. It is also an eco-friendly product excluding from carcinogens lists in artificial amorphous fiber or other regulations.


Molding Technique

We create a various formed products depending on the purpose with our molded technique for sheet making method adding inorganic and organic binders to the organic bulk.

Diverse Lineup of Products

We correspond to a wide variety of customers' needs on performance such as heat resistance/thermal insulation/ conductivity, weight and forms. We can offer a diverse array of products with the most suitable material composition and forms/size for customers' requirements.


Heat processing devices in industrial facilities for energy, Molten metal casting apparatuses, Fuel cells, High-heat part insulating materials for combustion devices