Ceramic honeycomb

What are Ceramic honeycomb?

What are Ceramic honeycomb?

Our Ceramic Honeycomb is mainly composed of alumina and mullite, which can efficiently deodorize volatile organic compound (VOC) causing foreign odor.


Various Product Configurations

With our long-standing technology development capabilities, we offer a wide variety of honeycombs having excellent heat storage and high durability for your requirements such as applications and purposes of usage, which are selected as the most suitable materials from four: alumina, mullite, cordierite and zirconia.

World-Class Extrusion Molding Technology

Our world-class extrusion molding technologies enable us to offer high surface area cells of various shapes adopted to customers' requirements. We boast a large market share with high deodorizing effect and the technologies.


Printing factories and chemical plants for painting and coating, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) used in electronic components factories