Our Approach to ESG

Our Approach to ESG

IBIDEN Group upholds a "harmonious relationship with the natural environment" and the "realization of the progression of society" as key goals in its Corporate Philosophy. The Group has continued to grow by developing products that can lead to solving social problems with its innovative technologies.
Considering that contribution to the progression of society and solving social problems through its business are the essence of its Corporate Philosophy, the Group has engaged in ESG (environment, society, and governance) activities. The direction and the ideals of our activities are shared throughout the entire Group and presented as the IBIDEN Group Charter of Behavior (hereinafter called "Group Charter of Behavior"), which takes into account our role as a global corporation and reflects requests and demands from our stakeholders including our major customers around the world.

Introducing the Ibiden group charter of behavior that is shared as the way we should go.

CSR Policy

Introducing the scope of our activities, from ESG management to SDGs contribution.

Scope of activities

Providing an evaluation of Ibiden's ESG activities.