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2018/05/21 Notice of the 165th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders pdf(PDF/484KB)
2018/05/02 IR presentation material "Financial Results of FY 2017" Updated. pdf(PDF/2,832KB)
2018/04/26 Consolidated Financial Results For the Year Ended March 31, 2018 pdf(PDF/90KB)


Introducing topics such as our corporate philosophy, company profile, mid-term management plan, office and plant locations and the group companies.


Investor Relations

Introducing topics of interest to our shareholders such as operational and financial highlights, financial statement, annual report and share handling rules.



Introducing initiatives related to corporate social responsibility, such as environmental activities.


Introducing the products of IBIDEN, such as plastic packages, printed wiring boards, DPF, and graphite specialty.


R & D

Introducing topics related to technological development initiatives such as our development system, and public announcements.

The First Century of IBIDEN

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    Highlighting the variety of ways in which IBIDEN products are making a difference.