We aim to achieve constant existence and development, and to grow into a corporate group that enjoys the reliance of local and international society.

The climate surrounding the IBIDEN Group is fraught with dramatic change: the globalization of corporate activities, the intensification of corporate competition across national borders, the accelerating advance of technology, and more. In fiscal 2007 ,amid these conditions, we have formulated our new corporate philosophy, "IBIDEN WAY", along with our mid-term 6-year business plan, "Global IBI-TECHNO 100 Plan", the plan that will take us to the centennial of IBIDEN's founding in 2012. With "IBIDEN WAY"and "Global IBI-TECHNO 100 Plan",we believe IBIDEN can achieve consistent development and longevity,and maintain the trust of local and global communities.

Ever since our establishment of "Ibigawa Electric Power Co.,Ltd."IBIDEN has advanced and progressed with local communities.

IBIDEN makes corporate social responsibility a pillar of our management activities,and contributes to symbiosis with the local society and to harmony with the global environment. As continuation zero emissions of waste materials,reducibility of CO2 emissions to help prevent global warming, and improving recycling rates,the IBIDEN Group is contributing to protecting the global environment by offering technologies and products that reduce environmetal impact. What is more, we are also advancing such activities as globalization, responding to new risks by expanding our business lines, and enhancing the capabilities and awareness of our employees through human-resource measures that emphasize dialogue, and are advancing responsible corporate management with respect to all shareholders.

Our launches of new operations, rapid overseas roll-out, and expansion of company size in recent years have greatly transformed the IBIDEN Group. We will maintain and strengthen such management bases, and continue devoting every effort to achieving solid growth for this newly transformed IBIDEN Group.

President & CEO
Hiroki Takenaka