Mid-Term Management Plan

Today’s business environment surrounding IBIDEN Group is extremely volatile, faced by the fierce competition between companies seeking global survival.
In April 2013, we launched our consolidated medium-term management plan, “Challenge IBI-TECHNO 105 Plan,” envisioning next 100 years ahead of us. By redefining and strengthening our total productive, marketing, and business management abilities, we will solidify and restructure our core business competitiveness. By emphasizing the global implementation of TPM activities, we boost our onsite capabilities, while at the same time engaging in the creation of innovative technologies in the fields of materials, facilities, and production processes.
Also, based on our core technologies nurtured through the company’s distinguished history, we will set up specific goals and engage ourselves in the development of new electronic and ceramic products, as well as product development and business implementation in new business areas.
Furthermore, in our effort to successfully run our CSR management, we put our emphasis on “human resource management” to nurture people who can thrive globally.
Through the steady implementation of the consolidated medium-term management plan, we will further reinforce our revenue base, and everyone in the Group will actively take up new challenges to realize a new level of growth.

Challenge IBI-TECHNO 105 Plan


FY 2013 to FY2017 -5 year term-

Pillar of the strategy

  • Reconstruct and enhance competitiveness of core operations
  • Work on the creation of new business
  • Develop and promote CSR management globally