Environmental Management | Environmental Data

Environmental Database

We are committed to transparent disclosure of environment-related information. We disclose detailed data relating to the environment in an environmental database.

The IBIDEN Group's Material Balance

Our business activities may expose the environment to a variety of potential risks. We have identified environmental consequences and separated them as either input or output. Key risks are outlined below.

Environmental Accounting

We disclose costs required for carrying out environmental management and economic benefits derived from it. We will continue to make appropriate investments and financial contributions designed to reduce our environmental footprint. Our policy is to continue with environmental activities in an effective and efficient manner.

Chemical Management (released and transferred amounts of PRTR-listed chemical substances)

The IBIDEN Group uses different chemical substances in the plating process and in other manufacturing processes. These substances have the potential to cause environmental pollution and pose health hazards unless they are properly managed.
To manage the chemical substances contained in raw and subsidiary materials, we perform environmental impact assessments on the basis of Material Safety Data Sheets and tables of ingredients of delivered materials submitted from suppliers. The information on released and transferred amounts of PRTR*-listed chemical substances for fiscal 2013 is available for download below.

* PRTR:Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

Environmental Data for Individual Plants and Group Companies

The IBIDEN Group sets its own standards above and beyond what is required by law for activities and operations that may have a significant environmental impact, and regularly measures and monitors compliance. The results of compliance monitoring at workplaces were as follows.

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