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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

A compilation of the results of our environmental conservation attitudes and activities.

Questionnaire regarding Corporate Social Responsibility Report

CSR Policy and Scope of Activities

All CSR activities at the IBIDEN Group are based on our MISSION. We pursue activities that enhance the reliability and transparency of management through business so that we will be able to build a relationship based on trust with society,
as well as strive to flourish as a going concern and contribute to social advancement.

Corporate Philosophy

Internal Control

This page introduces the policy, the system, and the approach on the internal control.

  Human Resource Management

We are committed to respecting the creativity and personality of each and every employee, and we aim at a working environment that allows employees to work positively, vigorously and safely.

Environmental Management

We will focus our efforts on developing and proposing socially useful technologies and products that will reduce load on the environment in addition to our fundamental activities aimed at reducing the emission of gases that cause global warming.

  Social Contribution

We are pressing ahead with a global field of view to implement activities to contribute to the regions where we are deploying centers of business operations.