CSR Policy and Scope of Activities

Corporate philosophy

We contribute to the progression of
society through innovative technology, with respect for
both individuals and the global environment.

IBIDEN Group Behavior Charter

In order to implement CSR management under our corporate philosophy, the ” IBIDEN WAY,” we have revised the IBIDEN Group Charter of Behavior to reflect our role as a global corporation as well as requests from our stakeholders. To achieve the goals for the entire Group, we will promote activities to put the targets into practice.

IBIDEN Group Behavior Charter

CSR Policy

We aim to enhance our corporate value

  • By raising awareness of the need for IBIDEN to act responsibly and honestly in the interest of sustainable operation.
  • By fulfilling our responsibilities in a well-balanced manner from an economic, environmental and social standpoint.
  • By working in partnership with all of our stakeholders.

Scope of activities

Medium-Term Business Plan: The Group positioned " Develop and promote CSR management globally" as one of the three core activities, as laid out in the " Challenge IBI - TECHNO105 Plan."
The Group's CSR concerns four policy areas: (1) internal control including corporate governance, compliance and risk management; (2) human resources management; (3) environmental management; and (4) social contribution. The Group attempts to address these four areas in its effort to undertake activities in a broad sphere for the benefit of all stakeholders and to forge stronger relationships with our stakeholders based on mutual trust.

Scope of activities

Internal control

Corporate Governance

By strengthening our internal control functions through proactively developing ”activities for advancing compliance and risk management” and by augmenting and strengthening the management oversight functions of our board of directors and the audit functions of our auditors, we are creating a transparent corporate control system that can accommodate the reliance of our shareholders and society.


By achieving thoroughgoing commitment to ”compliance with domestic and foreign laws, our articles of incorporation, internal regulations and corporate ethics” and through open and fair corporate activities, we aim to be a company that international society relies on.

Risk Management

With respect to risks to corporate value that can have major impact on the smooth management of operations by the group, we enable continuation of operations by reducing and preventing recurrence of loss of corporate value for all stakeholders.

Human resource management

In line with the IBIDEN WAY, we are committed to respecting the creativity and personality of each and every employee and to value a corporate culture that enables its diverse human resources to fully display their knowledge and capabilities.

Environmental management

We conduct the environmental load reduction activity with all concerned people under IBIDEN WAY, aim Harmony with nature by reducing the bad effect on global environment generated in our business operation and fulfill the role as sustainable company.

Social contribution

We aim to contribute to local communities by taking advantage of our unique corporate characteristics, including our capacity to improve living environments and to offer opportunities for personal development. We take part in and support groups involved in activities of this nature. We also undertake our own community projects across the globe, tailoring them to local cultures and customs, and earning the trust of the international community.

External Corporate Evaluation

SRI evaluation

In recent years, attention has increasingly focused on socially responsible investment (SRI), referring to corporate investment from a social perspective, taking into account considerations such as the environment and social contribution rather than concentrating exclusively on profitability and other corporate and financial targets. Having been evaluated by an SRI evaluation organization, we have been selected for inclusion in theMorningstar's SRI Index*1 (as of June 2015).


*1: The MS-SRI is the first socially responsible investment index in Japan. Morningstar Japan K.K. selects 150 companies from among listed companies in Japan by assessing their social responsibility, and converts their stock prices into the index.

Assessment by Third-Party Organizations and Our Actions

The Company conducts gap analyses between "what it should be" and the results of external corporate evaluations. Our CSR Promotion Division analyzes the data obtained from important survey questions and discusses the course of action with departments involved to identify elements that are lacking at the Company. Furthermore, if it is possible to improve upon these elements during the next fiscal year, each department develops strategies within its action policy.
In fiscal year 2014, we confirmed the existence of items and indicators that are not fully disclosed in the disclosure of CSR information. To cope with the situation, we confirmed and discussed with relevant divisions concerning activities currently conducted by the Company and required items, and promoted efforts for the enhancement of items to be disclosed.

We respond to observance of the code of conduct of the industry and CSR-related audits conducted by third-party organizations based on customer requirement.
The results of audits similarly undergo the process of gap analysis to establish the difference between the global industry-required standards and the Company's current efforts, and to identify issues that need to be addressed. We take to heart the suggested issues put forward during these audits and strive to improve upon them by analyzing the causes and implementing corrective actions as well as preventative measures. Furthermore, we are working toward creating a system that meets the global standards by improving upon these issues.